We are rapidly moving towards a world where our daily workload will be shared with Machines. Harnessing these tools and learning how to control them will give you and your business a head start over your competition. Believe in the discipline of measurement and use automation within your processes to achieve scalability and performance at masterful levels.

Successful marketing campaign strategies have two strongholds – execution and analysis. A bold approach to campaign optimization enhances the quality of results, whether you have a short-term aggressive campaign strategy or a slow and steady long-term strategy. However — before you go rushing to sign that contract with a tool provider or push ads using automated bid strategies, you’ll need to gather the below three foundational resources to execute a campaign:

1. Goal Optimisations
Demographic settings, geographical factors, and behavioral characteristics are included in the targeting profile. Affinity categories and interests (found in most campaign builders, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and LinkedIn Ads) provide you with a plethora of options that segment users who have expressed specific interest in select products, services, or content. An example would be targeting users who have visited dog-related pages by selecting the Dog Lovers category. This would help you distribute your ads to those who would help you ramp up dog food sales.
2. Conversion Data
To collect as much data as possible, initiate pixel or floodlight implementation as early as possible. By gathering a significant amount of data on the converted audience, you can subsequently train the AI to find similar (lookalike) users within the network you are using. By analyzing behavioral data from those who have completed the funnel, Machine Learning will build and target an audience that can bring in similar value.
3. Build the Experience
After planning out the media channels used for the campaign, check the creative specs, gather your team and design the next hit campaign. If you are unsure on which creative sizes you want to tap into, read our article on the best performing HTML5 Banner Sizes . Additionally, do not forget the journey the visitors take to become customers; be mindful of your landing pages and site experience.
They say what cannot be measured cannot be improved. Once you get your campaign up and running, the cycle of strategy-implementation-analysis-repeat is what turns the wheels of growth for your brand. Data is the most valuable asset that would provide you the insight to pivot your business forward. It is now considered the new oil commodity and should be valued. Harness the power of data and future proof your measurement practices by using the below four mantras:
Measure across everything
Build campaigns and data flows, integrate platforms, read data signals and report back to every stakeholder instantly. Measure your impact on the users you are reaching and follow them as they go through their customer journey through your funnel. Measure all channels you use and all possible touch points within your digital assets.
Prove business impact
Analytics will give you a window of insight into your business. By adopting data measuring techniques, you will be able to build a data flow that can prove your decisions’ impact. How does this campaign affect your bottom line? Were the KPIs met? If so, do your results meet your projected forecasts? We will see your business grow by maintaining consistent data management and practicing strategic decision-making. VANE IVY can set you up with inbuilt data warehousing and live reporting at your fingertips.
Harness Machine Learning and Automation
In the present day and more in the future, marketers are using and will lean more heavily on Machine Learning and Automation to make day-to-day minute and granular decisions. Such an example would be – should we display this ad to this user as they visit this site? How much should we bid? This way, marketers can focus on the top and strategic levels of the marketing operations and achieve a workflow that scales seamlessly.
Enhance Simplicity
Finally, be ready to challenge complexity within market-related technology by arming yourself with intuitive tools, providing better data flows, and giving speed to your decision-making.
Suppose you want advice on how to get started on any tools implementation with your funnel and would like a supporting role in campaign activation on any channel. In that case, VANE IVY is a digital performance consultancy with a mission to chart your business towards growth. Using our background in deep research, passion for marketing, and affinity toward tech, we’re here to help you and your brand gain visibility from the right audiences. Reach out to us and let us know!