They say what cannot be measured, cannot be improved.
Data is the most valuable asset that would provide you the insight to pivot your business forward. It is now considered the new oil commodity and should be valued as such. Harness the power of data and future proof your measurement practices by using the below four mantras:
1. Measure across everything
Build campaigns and data flows, integrate platforms, read data signals and report back to every stakeholder instantly. Measure your impact on the users you are reaching and follow them as they go through their customer journey through your funnel. Measure all channels you use and all possible touchpoint within your digital assets.
2. Prove business impact
Analytics will give you a window of insight into your business. By adopting data measuring techniques you will be able to build a data flow that would be able to prove the impact of your decisions. How does this campaign affect your bottom line? Were the KPIs met? If so, do your results meet your projected forecasts? In maintaining consistent data management and practicing strategic decision-making, we will see your business grow. VANE IVY can set you up with inbuilt data warehousing and live-reporting at your fingertips.
3. Harness Machine Learning and Automation
In present day and more in the future, marketers are using and will lean more heavily on Machine Learning and Automation to make the day to day minute and granular decisions. Such an example would be – should we display this ad to this user as he/she visits this site? How much should we bid? This way marketers can focus on the top and strategic levels of the marketing operations and achieve a workflow that scales seamlessly.
4. Enhance Simplicity
Finally be ready to challenge complexity within market related technology by arming yourself with tools that feel intuitive, provide better data flows and put speed to your decision making.
If you want advice on how to get started on any tools implementation with your funnel, and would like a supporting role in campaign activation on any channel, VANE IVY is a digital performance consultancy with a mission to chart your business towards growth. Using our background in deep research, passion for marketing and affinity towards tech, we’re here to help you and your brand gain visibility from the right audiences.